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 Episode 8 - Crazy Speculation

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PostSubject: Episode 8 - Crazy Speculation   Sun Nov 19, 2017 5:49 pm

(Note: I have not read any leaks for Episode 8. Please don't post any here, just in case they turn out to be true.)

The Last Jedi will soon be upon us, so what are we expecting from it? We know that there are many parallels between A New Hope and The Force Awakens, do we think Episode 8 will continue this trend? Here's what I think.

1.) The Might of the First Order

The battle of Hoth in Episode 5 was the first time we really got to see the full force of the Empire's military power. We open on a similar scene, with the Resistance narrowly escaping from a crushing First Order assault.

Bonus points if Leia stays behind to help with evacuations and Rey/Finn/Chewie quotes Han, "We'll get her out on the Falcon."

2.) Jedi Training

All but guaranteed. Luke plays the part of Yoda in this movie: wise, but seemingly unhinged. We have yet to see what he means by "ending the Jedi". Maybe he realizes that the overly-strict code is what led to their downfall, and seeks a better way?

3.) Family Revelations?

The most famous scene in Episode 5 is Vader's "I am your father" scene. We are all expecting to find out about Rey's parents in Episode 8.

What if the twist is, that we find out that Han and Leia are not really Kylo's parents? I never thought it made sense for Han and Leia to name their kid Ben, after a guy they barely knew. But if he was really Luke's son...

Luke falls in love, has a kid, freaks out because he knows the Jedi aren't supposed to do those things. Han and Leia adopt and raise his son as their own.

Probably not, but it would set up one heck of an "I am your father" scene.

As Kylo is drawn closer to the Light, this revelation is what pushes him back towards the Dark side.

4.) The Bad Guys Win

Not up for debate. This movie will end with the Resistance at their all-time low point. Maybe they are defeated in battle and scattered. Maybe Leia and/or Chewie dies. Maybe the Falcon is destroyed. Maybe Rey starts to feel the temptation of the Dark side. Bad stuff will happen in this movie.

So what are your crazy predictions for Episode 8?
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PostSubject: Re: Episode 8 - Crazy Speculation   Sun Nov 19, 2017 10:15 pm

I think Kylo defects probably after killing both parents and the coming face to face with Luke? idk. maybe that is the next movie.

Big question is, will they kill Luke off?
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Episode 8 - Crazy Speculation
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